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Departing from our concern about the motorcycle accident that befell our beloved, we create this website whose main purpose is to urge motorcyclists to be more careful when driving on the streets, especially in the United States where the number of motorcycle riders who died in 2019 as many as 5044, up 11% to 5579 in 2020.

We really hope this new website can help you, at least knowing Motorcycle Rider Awareness, focusing on impaired riding prevention, Rider Safety, the importance of wearing motorcycle Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or also known as “Motorcycle Gear” (Helmet, Faceshield, Glove) , Jacket, Trouser, Boots/Shoes) etc.

MotorcyclesAccidents.com also wants to help you make an informed choice about finding and selecting the best motorcycle accident attorney if you or your loved one is in a motorcycle accident.

Methodology for Rating Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
You can use our rating as a starting point to find a lawyer that suits you. The lawyer rating should not be the end of the motorcycle accident attorney you are looking for, but the beginning. Rankings are a stepping stone into the search for the best lawyers, but only you can decide whether a Lawyer, Attorney or Law Firm is right for you.

Here are some of the methods we came up with by ranking.

Some of the ratings on the site were not designed by us, but we do quote ratings from other publications, such as Martindale.com, Google Business, Yelp.com, Avvo.com, SuperLawyers.com, Lawyers.com, Expertise.com and others. We then expand this ranking by studying each lawyer’s profile, reading their reviews and others in depth.

We understand that choosing the best lawyer is very time-consuming, especially if you are in an accident, not to mention worrying about paying the lawyer and of course you want the best motorcycle accident lawyer for you.

We try our best to present information that may be useful to you, although there is also the possibility that we may choose the wrong one.

We are changing our address from motorcycle-accident.info to motorcyclesaccidents.com

We also support NHTSA to promote safe behaviors on our nation’s roads through this page.

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